CMS Website Design

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that allows you to edit or update your existing static site along with dated information easily helps you manage your web site's content, link pages and control how the pages will look, without requiring any HTML knowledge. A CMS is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to maintain your Website. You can Convert all your current static pages to dynamic pages, ability to manage content via WYSIWYG Text Editor, adding, editing or updating website content instantly and adding custom graphics and images to content easily.

It helps you to create, edit, and publish the content on a web site without any complicated technical procedure. By using CMS, anyone can learn how to manage and maintain a world-class website. CMS has many remarkable features that help you realize your website's full potential.

Content Management Framework

  • 100% browser-based
  • Template driven Web pages
  • Ability to quickly change the look and feel of site
  • Multi-language

Authoring and Publishing Content

  • Rich text WYSIWYG editing (Microsoft Word like editor)
  • Dynamically add/remove menus and sub-menus
  • Preview mode

Managing Content

  • Content scheduling/expiration
  • Backup and Restore of the complete site
  • Database Driven Content
  • Meta Data Creation / Management or Better search
  • Results

Web Site Usability

  • Site Search
  • Printer Friendly page
  • Tell a Friend
  • PDF version of the page
  • Site Map

Security and Approval

  • Flexible multi-level approval workflow
  • Approval based publishing

Standard Support

  • Cross platform (WinNT/2000,Linux,Solaris)

User Management

  • Allow user registration
  • Show/Hide Unauthorized Links
  • Email New User Password

Usage Statistics

  • Number of users online
  • Logging of search strings
  • Visitor's Browser type
  • Most viewed pages
  • Most searched words