SMS Solution

SMS Service :

Description of Promotional SMS:-

  • As the name suggests, Promotional SMS are used only for marketing/promotional activities & can be delivered to only non DND numbers.
  • No charges would be cut for DND nos.
  • Delivery reports downloaded in the form of MS-Excel Sheet.
  • The same can also be downloaded the following day in the form of MS-Excel Sheet.
  • We will also be pleased enough to conduct SMS Campaigning on your behalf on our opt-in database,in case you require it for your promotional activities.

Promotional Voice SMS :

Description of Promotional Voice SMS:-

  • Promotional Voice SMS are used for promotional campaigning via voice medium
  • These are delivered only to non- DND nos.
  • Charges are cut as per 45 paisa sec pulse, just like 160 characters in SMS.

* deliverable only to non-DND nos. * 30 second pulse * mp3 file memory should not be more than 500 KB

Missed Call Service :

Description of MIssed Call Service:-

Missed call is nearly similar to that of Short Code Service, except that herein, no money is cut from the client's mobile balance when he/she gives a missed call.

This is also a lead generation activity used by corporate houses, MNC's, Private sector, religious institutions, real estate companies to attract or gather database of clients.

Short Code Service :

Description of Short Code Service:-

Short code facility is used mainly for lead generation activities. Suppose, you come across a hoarding showcasing the latest promotions of a reputed real estate company which make you interested in it.

In that hoarding, it is written as "SMS XYZ to 567678" if interested.

In there, 567678 is the short code & XYZ is the keyword.

Herein, you will have to provide us with the keyword only (Keyword length must not be greater than or equal to 6 characters).

Going back to the previous scenario, suppose you sent the SMS i.e (SMS XYZ to 567678). Rs. 3/- will be deducted from your mobile balance. The respective party XYZ will get your details in the form of mobile no, joining date, joining time in their panel.

So, on the whole, you become a hot lead for the company XYZ