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Email marketing is the most crucial Internet Marketing tool. Any successful online promotional effort is incomplete without incorporating database or bulk email marketing and newsletter services.

Our email marketing techniques ensure high open click and convert rates. We help you build and manage your email lists so that it does not result in unwanted spamming. This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalized email messages that are creative and interactive.

Avail the latest cutting edge technologies, Email Marketing & Web Promotional Tools by Verz Technologies & give your competition a serious run for business.
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Our email marketing software

Verz Technologies Email Marketing is a powerful online applications to shoot mails on your Contact lists, Easy HTML Editor Interface, Track your mails with Real Time Reports.

If there is any requirment regarding Services, You can contact us on sales@Verz Technologies.com


Having a newsletter service is a wise man's idea of marketing online. It gives you an interactive platform to reach highly targeted audience. You can have a slice of you customer's mind an know what do they want. It a great Public Relation tool which helps you convey your message effectively, right on target. With the right kind of approach it can actually enable opinion formation. We actively undertake Newsletter campaigns for our clients. It essentially includes three activities: Designing, Editorial and Impact Analysis.